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03 May 2006 @ 10:07 pm
So, okay. I'm just a stupid little girl who doesn't have a clue when it comes to relationships. When Redux's one of closest friends told me that I was looking for boyfriend in wrong places, I totally thought that he meant Redux wasn't into me.

Well, he is. He asked me out today. And I said yes. He told me that he likes me (A LOT) and I'm prettttyyy. :)


OMG, I don't know what my friends are going to say about this. They don't love Redux very much and I *know* that they'll tell that I'm too good for him. Damn. I don't want any trouble. It'll be all weird. Oh, WHATEVER. I'm happy, that's all I wanna think about. :)
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Oh, ANOTHER poll has opened! dasq_kaze's awesome Twisted Tales Challenge is over. I wrote a Aaron/Lilly fic for that one, because we all know I'm kinda sick and I just can't stop myself when it comes to: a) sex with a minor, b) incest, c) slash, d)incest & slash TOGETHER.

You should go read all the fics, though, because they're all awesome.

My fic is: Strange Wild Orchid (NC-17) and I'd really appreciate if you guys go and VOTE.


Well, I did a icon. Hell, it looks like anything other than an icon, but I felt like there wasn't many "OMG! HOLY HIPBONE BATMAN!" icons around. Not that anyone would want it, but if you do, feel free to snag, just credit. Heeee. That's me being delusional. :)

Aaaand, speaking of icons, I'd love some with "OMG! YAY!" texts on them. Preferably Veronica or Logan's. I really like text icons! If you have any or just point at where I can find those, it'd be awesome.


Have to share the hotness. I'm ignoring the all the feelings that killed me when I watched the episode, it's just MEAT for me, now. Sweet Logan flesh. And hipbone. And HISGODDAMNHANDSAREINHISPANTS! OMG! *dies*

VM 220 Picspam. Oh, I'd give ANYTHING to be those hands. Okay, right hand preferably, which TOTALLY makes sense if you think about it.Collapse )



LJ Prison life by mihind24
Favorite hobby
Incarcerated forShoved your crotch in their face
The victimirmak
Sentence length in years26
The prosecutordresden_doll_01
Your lawyerbabsonite
The judgeskk670
Who's bitch you becomemastermia
New kid who becomes your bitchegyptian_pixie
Your pen pal love interestchopsticknoodle
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Heee. Awesome!
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02 May 2006 @ 02:27 am
New fic is up. Hurray! I wrote it before this whole "I'm busy" crap, and I'm glad I did because otherwise I wouldn't be posting any fics for days. Felt GOOD.

You Can Leave Your Hat On - Chapter 2

Chapter 1 is HERE.


Since I was such a terrible friend, I'm bribing you guys with not only a fic but also some MUSIC! So, let me see what have I been listening lately.

Panic! is teh awesomeness. TEH AWESOMENESS! Every song is better than the other. What else? Oh. MORRISSEY! Dudes, he's coming to Turkey! OMGSQUEE! I'm really fucking excited. Can't wait. Dresden Dolls! Now I know why dresden_doll_01 is dresden_doll_01. :) Tegan And Sara! I've been listening to "I Know I Know I Know" over and over. And NOT thinking about Hannah/Logan. Just half-naked Logan. Hmmm. And then there is The Decemberists. I'm honestly in love with them.

The Decemberists - We Both Go Down Together
- July, July!
- Red Right Ankle
Morrissey - Let Me Kiss You
Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy
- Missed Me



And here's little sweet meme I snagged from mutinousmuse. Aww.

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Try out this Meme

Brought to you by BearPodcast.
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02 May 2006 @ 12:06 am
So, does this mean I'm back? Not sure. Got TONS of work to do, articles to look through, mistakes to correct, but I think I'll survive. And I might even find some time to write here and comment, hell, I may even write fics!

And I love every each one of you who commented to my posts and who didn't but sent me prayers and happy thoughts instead. Those meant so much. And guys, I promise to be your comment bitch from now on. :)

Oh, speaking of fics: cheesy_love has come to an end and it's poll time! You should go VOTE, and I'm there, too, with my fic Snakeskin Is What Turns Me On. Heee. Of course, I'd be more than pleased if you really enjoyed it and decide to vote for it. Yeah, that's me being subtle. ;)

And, now, speaking of pimping, fickledame made this AWESOME vid and I really think that it's a good idea if we make non-VM people to watch it. Because it's FUNNY AS HELL!


I'm telling you people, no more Redux posts. Well, now I can say that: "It's HIS fucking loss." Ha! That felt really good.


Just one little VM 220 opinionCollapse )


And people, neptune_online needs you! There are SO MANY good ideas waiting for you to be written! Go check out the Master Ideas List to see what I'm talking about. Visit vm_blog to see what you can do.
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I am such a stupid human being.

It was thelackoflight's birthday!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ASHLEY! I'm really sorry! You know that I looooooove you so much, right? I wish that you were here with me so that we could talk about boys (*sighs*), VM and many crazy interests we share. You should know that for me, you're teh awesomeness in flesh and blood. :)

Here are my little, stupid gifts:

Goodies!Collapse )

Love you hon! :)
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23 April 2006 @ 01:22 pm
God. I don't even have a fucking minute to write in my journal. That's great. So obviously I just don't have any time to write fics. It sucks. I just hope to get over with all these midterms and finals so I can return to my writings and fandoms.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, awakencordy! Well, I did celebrate her birthday via text, but, hell, if I'm not using my journal to congratulate my awesome friend's birthday, what is it any good for? Loove you, hon!

Do is back! Yaaay! :) Missed you and our sheer excitement every time we realize that we do, in fact, have so fucking much in common. :)

Oh, and, Redux and I are still fucking "friends". God. Boys suck big time.

Guh. Gotta go. Goddamn studying awaits.
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19 April 2006 @ 01:12 am
Yes, I do admit that working as a movie critic means that I should stop doing movie memes, because COME ON! :)

Memes and me... We're like this! *crosses fingers*

Stocie (xbitexmyxlipx), hon, this boob is for you, as a 'glad you're okay' gift. Love ya!

Taken from marty2103:

movie memeCollapse )
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Taken from ebonypsyche,

If you had me alone, locked up in your house for twenty-four hours and I had to do whatever you wanted me to, what would you have me do? All comments will be permanently screened because it's a secret.

Then repost this in your LJ. You might be surprised with the responses you get.

Comment away, people!
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15 April 2006 @ 06:21 pm
I shall call this post 'The Big PIMP Post', because, well, I just want to.

First: Self-pimpage. My latest fic, Snakeskin Is What Turns Me On is up. Written for cheesy_love challenge. It's a NC-17, yet fluffy Logan/Veronica fic. And I have to thank taken_with_you over and over again, just because she's awesome. Also for that she gave me the idea and did the whole fucking beta-work. She owns me. :)


You think that the challenges till now were cracked? This is even more cracked out! fcukficathons presents, The Multifandom Man-Bits Euphemisms Challenge! Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the signup is over now, but you can always go and read the magnificent submissions!


idolessrainbow once asked me whether I would sign up for a challenge. I was rather ecstatic about seeing my name with some other great writers there, and I said yes. And here it is: vmwhat_if Challenge! I submitted 'An Eye For An Eye', because it's one of my favorite fics.

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New fic is up, people!

See, I love my characters in different ways. Veronica is angry, very clever and bitchy, but deep down she's this awesome person who loves Logan so fucking much. Logan is a total jackass and awesomely snarky, but he's a good soul. Lilly is a bitch and she's so fucking manipulative, but she's no evil. But everything changes when it comes to Duncan and Cassidy. I can't tell you how much I love writing these two characters as psychotic maniacs. They are always the bad guys, and I fucking enjoy them so much.

So, this fic is written for vm_worstcase Challenge and my assignment was "What to do if you are trapped in a well."

I hope you like it and comment like it's your bitch. (Well, that doesn't make sense, but, whatever.) Hee. :)

( And The Night Mare Rides On )
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