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15 April 2006 @ 06:21 pm
Pimpage never ends.  
I shall call this post 'The Big PIMP Post', because, well, I just want to.

First: Self-pimpage. My latest fic, Snakeskin Is What Turns Me On is up. Written for cheesy_love challenge. It's a NC-17, yet fluffy Logan/Veronica fic. And I have to thank taken_with_you over and over again, just because she's awesome. Also for that she gave me the idea and did the whole fucking beta-work. She owns me. :)


You think that the challenges till now were cracked? This is even more cracked out! fcukficathons presents, The Multifandom Man-Bits Euphemisms Challenge! Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the signup is over now, but you can always go and read the magnificent submissions!


idolessrainbow once asked me whether I would sign up for a challenge. I was rather ecstatic about seeing my name with some other great writers there, and I said yes. And here it is: vmwhat_if Challenge! I submitted 'An Eye For An Eye', because it's one of my favorite fics.

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